Breathe For Change believes that teacher well-being really, REALLY, matters. 

Our mission is to empower educators to take care of themselves, their students, and their school communities through wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness, and community building. 

We offer the world's only Certified 200-hour Wellness and Yoga Teacher Training designed for educators. Join the movement of teachers transforming education by enhancing your own health and well-being! 



Teacher & Principal Testimonials

“Being a part of Breathe for Change will continue to provide me with the tools and support system necessary to bring about changes in the way that schools proactively teach and reinforce positive behavior, as well as encourage community building, student engagement, self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-expression.”

–   Wendy Ellis, Elementary School Counselor

"Due to the generous energy and on-site support of Breathe for Change (B4C), Emerson staff have gained valuable techniques for self-wellness that have transferred directly into the classroom community and connections with students. 

The entire community has benefited from this partnership and the group's ever-increasing presence: Staff have learned much this year about being mindful and reducing stress through yoga and meditation; our recent guest presentation of JustMe help even more students engage in mindful practices that promote community, friendship, learning, and healthy minds.

In combination with school-wide Positive Behavior Systems (PBS), Breathe for Change has made a direct impact on our school. I would like to thank B4C as an Emerson partner in student, staff, and family well being.  B4C has had an impact on everyone in our community! Thank you!

- Karen Kepler, Elementary School Principal

“I knew that it was not teaching I hated so much as the frustration and lack of time to really embody what I wanted to show my students. I found Breathe For Change, and it changed my life. I learned how to find the support I needed from within, and with that came the realization that I really could manage everything being asked of me so long as I was able to manage how I perceived it. Breathe For Change has given me more tools than any professional development ever could; I have learned how to be calm in my work so that I can guide my students towards the same sense of peace. I love Breathe For Change and everything it stands for!”

–   Hallie Savage, Spanish Dual Language Middle School Teacher

“The trickle effect has already begun. Imagine 40 teachers now have the tools to help their students and colleagues find greater wellness and calm at school. How many children and teachers will this touch? Hundreds….eventually thousands….”        

–  Marcella Speich, Instructional Coach

“I feel that the B4C teacher yoga training was right on target. It addresses the social and emotional needs of the populations with which I work… many times marginalized communities who don’t have the finances and/or resources to bring yoga and mindfulness into their lives. I want to be the bridge that connects members of these communities with the skills I recently learned through the B4C yoga teacher training. B4C is a welcoming, supportive community that as a minority, I don’t always find in a mostly white middle class world.”     

–  Dr. Daniela M. Porro, High School Counselor


“During the short time with Breathe For Change, I have profoundly expanded my skills and my knowledge of yoga and mindfulness, which I am applying in my professional teaching career, personal growth, and daily living. This new increase in deeper happiness, contentment and groundedness that I am experiencing is extending into my relationships and the world around me.”

–   Christine Kabara, Art Teacher

“I came out of the 'Breathe for Change training much stronger, with a new awareness that was integral in guiding my class through a tragedy.”

-  Phillip Edmonds, 5th grade teacher

“The way I see it, it's a win-win for everyone involved! Breathe For Change provides us with the ability to build capacity within our teachers while they are simultaneously taking care of themselves... something we probably didn't focus on enough! Ultimately, I see this paying it forward... one teacher at a time, one student at a time, and growing exponentially from there."

-  Tammy Thompson-Kapp, Elementary School Principal